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3 Ways To Walk In Your Goddess Light


There is a Goddess in every woman, granted to her as a birthright. A light that shines within her that pushes her to keep going and to grind even when she’s feeling down. A spirit that can turn the worst of lemons into the sweetest of lemonades, a force so powerful that when activated can make a woman unstoppable. Some call it intuition, others call it confidence… at Untamed Colors we call it The Goddess Light. Your Goddess Light is Everything! In order to walk in your Goddess Light you must first believe that you are one. Owning your power as a Goddess is what separates the bold from the timid, and fortune always favors the bold. Here are 3 simple steps you can take immediately to start walking in your Goddess Light.

Step 1 – Be of Service


Now that you’ve claimed your power next you need to raise up your sisters. Goddesses don’t tear other women down they build them up. Take Taraji P. Henson for example. When it comes to supporting other women and being happy for them she’s always there. The true power of a Goddess means to elevate those around her. Whether it’s through words of encouragement, a simple compliment, or a warm touch on the shoulder. Those little actions go a long way…. When you want to do good for yourself, start by doing good for others.

Step 2 – Be Victorious Not A Victim

A Goddess is too busy slaying and taking no names to be concerned what others think of her actions. To walk in your Goddess light is to understand that you have the power within you….at all times. It’s a proven fact that we overly estimate how much others are thinking about us. Truth is, most people are far too involved in their own heads to really care much about what you’re doing in any given moment. Even so, if something is directed towards you, it’s not about you its about them. It’s a reflection on how they view themselves, or have been treated by others. A Goddess always remembers this, even if in the moment she doesn’t understand it.

Step 3 – Be Courageous

Remember to always seize the day. Walking in your Goddess light means that every waking second is another chance to do something that is outside of your comfort zone. This helps you to grow and for your light to shine brighter.

Challenge Alert!!!

Now that you know the three simple steps to walking in your Goddess Light it’s time for a quick challenge. Wear a bold lipstick color! It seems super frivolous but how many times have you examined a lipstick and thought “NOPE, I could never wear that!” Well Goddess that’s the color I challenge you to wear. Because a Goddess can do whatever she wants. So I want you to wear that color whatever it may be, all day and wear it proud!

For the Goddesses who are already wear any and all lipstick colors you can still join into the fun with a bold lip color. While wearing your lipstick repeat steps 1-3 in no particular order, and remember that you’re a Goddess!!!

Pick any day of the week you want to do this challenge and upload pictures using #UntamedGoddess on Instagram to share with us. For even more support join our private Facebook Group Untamed Beauties! Till next time loves XOXO

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March 02, 2017

This was great! Served as confirmation and motivation for me. Thank you!


March 01, 2017

This came right on time ! I been looking for ways to get out of my shell and I know what untamed bold lip I’m going to finally wear for the challenge. :-)

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