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5 Best Lipsticks This Spring!!!!!

I’m what one would consider a makeup junkie to say the least. I have a room full of makeup and I tend to add to that pile at least every week. Even though I own a ton of makeup my absolute favorite type of makeup is lipstick. To me lipstick is like an accessory that influences your overall makeup look. For instance lets say I decided to wear a black smokey eye (see picture) a nude lipstick paired with this look will give off one message, while a bold lipstick color would set a completely different mood.

Even without a full face of makeup a lipstick can change your entire look. For my K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sexy) routine, which is my 4 simple steps to creating a flawless makeup look; I’ll do my brows which help to frame my face. Next I’ll curl my lashes which helps to open up my eyes, then throw on some foundation to even out my skin tone, and lastly I’ll add some lipstick which helps to pull the entire look together.

So my friend now you see why I love lipstick so much, but it didn’t always start out this way. In fact there was a time that I absolutely hated the idea of color on my lips.

Why lipstick 

My personal history with lipstick was not always that of love. I used to hate wearing lipsticks because I hated my “big” lips. Throughout my high school years I was constantly teased for having big lips. We all know how horrible other girls can be, and unfortunately I brought into that notion of my “big” lips. It didn’t help that when I had my makeup professionally done for the first time, the makeup artist (bless her heart) put me in a bright orange color topped with a shiny lipgloss that was not applied correctly for my lip shape. I didn’t want to offend her so I politely thanked her and ran with my head down to the nearest bathroom to wipe it off. Thinking back on the situation I can’t recall if the lipstick looked that bad or if it was just my insecurities getting the best of me, but at the time my mindset was not ready!

After that I avoided lipstick like the plague and would only wear a clear lipgloss and if I was feeling really spicy a tinted one! It wasn’t until years later after I came down with chicken pox for the first time ever at the age of 25 and I started to explore the art of makeup more that I ventured back into lipsticks. As I was learning more about makeup one of my favorite hangouts was my local MAC counter in Milford, CT. There I befriended a few of the employees but had a special bond with Joel. He was always so kind to me and taught me many things about makeup. It was he who taught me how to apply lipstick for my lip shape. I walked into the counter that day and asked him to help me pick out a lipstick. By that time I had more of an open mindset. I was practicing my makeup everyday, perfecting my brows, and eyeshadow techniques. But whenever I would do my makeup something felt missing, and that was the lipstick.

So I went to Joel eager to get his help on a lipstick that would work best for me. It was winter time and of course dark colors were all the rage and the very first color he picked out for me was Soulfully Rich(REBEL insert pick). I was very skeptical as I was a girl who was used to wearing lipgloss and the first thing he picked out was a DARK purple. I had a “oh hell no” moment in my head. But I also trusted Joel as he showed me so much about makeup and of course I was there to try something new so I said what the heck. As we walked over to the mirror I started to feel little jitters running through me, as if I was about to get a tattoo that I would end up regretting. But as Joel applied the lipstick and walked me through how to apply lipstick for my lipshape I was truly astonished at the woman staring back at me in the mirror. 

It was an intense rush of feelings because after years of running away from lipstick, of the shame from being teased as a child, did not matter because I FELT beautiful. And it was all because of a little bit of lipstick. I thanked Joel for his amazing service and walked out of the store a happy woman. I wasn’t one for selfies but this time instead of running to the nearest bathroom to wipe it off, I ran to my car to take an obligatory I’m feeling myself selfie (see picture). It was a glorious moment for me and one that began a tremendous and life changing journey for me.

My "Feeling Myself" Selfie

What lipsticks

Lipstick helps to unleash the inner goddess within. From that moment on I was a lipstick Goddess and experimented with all sorts of colors, formulas and brands! I’ve gone nude, I’ve ventured into the dark side, and even adorned my lips with glitter. Basically I’ve done it all which is why I want to pass down the torch to you so that you can explore the wonderful world of lipsticks. Here are some of my favorite lipsticks!

Moisturizing Matte Lipstick – Untamed Colors

Of course this is my absolutely hands down favorite lipstick! I love our formula because it’s a moisturizing matte and goes on silky smooth! Made with Castor Oil, Vitamin C & E (antioxidants) this vegan lipstick creates a wrap of comfort around your lips and dries down to a matte finish that lasts for up to 8 hours. This lipstick is perfect for all lip types but will be your holy grail if you have dry lips!


Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème MINI SIZE

I adore anything that’s mini size and I can slide in a clutch or my pocket, which is why I love this lipstick!


Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color

            A great alternative if you want a light coverage on your lips. This lipstick gives you a nice sheer and semi glossy finish.


Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

Creamy formula that leaves a nice shiny finish, this lipstick will make you want to smile every time you wear it.



NYX Macaron Pastel Lippies Lipstick

Another one of my favorites this lipstick gives high color payoff and is a great value.


I know first hand how intimidating lipstick can be. It took my some years to step outside of my comfort zone and try new and bold colors, but it was so worth it.

Spring marks the new beginnings and transformation. So take the step this spring and try something new! Leave a comment below on a new color you’ll try this spring, and if you need some inspiration check out the awesome colors that we offer HERE.

Til Next Time Loves XOXO


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