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Cool Vs Warm? 3 Ways To Figure Out Your Undertone!

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Hey Untamed Beauties! Do you feel like your makeup just isn’t giving you that flawless feeling? Does choosing the right shade of foundation confuse the heck out of you? Beauties you are not alone! There is a way to tell what shades work best for YOU! And it all starts with your undertone. I am going to show you figure out your undertone so that you can pick the right colors for you. Discover your true fierceness and stop wasting time buying the wrong shades, by following these easy steps to finding your undertone.
Here at Untamed Colors we classify undertones into two types, they are:
  • Cool Neutrals
  • Warm Yellows

Cool Neutrals are for people with pink, red, and blue undertones. While warm yellows are for people with golden, yellow, and peachy undertones.

So how do you know which one you are? Here are three ways to tell:

  1. Vein Color
  2. Jewelry Preference
  3. Sun Exposure

Vein Color
Ok so the first step is to roll up your sleeves, and if you aren't wearing sleeves then you’re already one step ahead of the game! Turn your arm so that the you’re viewing the inside of your hands and wrists. Take note of what the colors of your veins are along your wrist as well as in the palm of your hand. If they are green then you probably have a warm undertone. If they are blue or teal then you’re mostly like a cool undertone.

Jewelry Check
Now on the same wrist put on a silver bracelet and on your other wrist put on a gold bracelet. Which one compliments your skin tone better? We all have our preferences but putting those aside which one brings out your skin the most and gives it that pop? Do you look better in gold or silver? If you look better in gold it is because it is complimenting your warm undertone. If you look good in silver then more than likely you have a cool undertone.

Sun Exposure
When you’re out in the sun do you tend to burn easily or do you tan immediately? If you tend to tan easily without becoming burnt you may be warm, those with cooler undertones tend to sunburn easier. Regardless of if you tan or burn, don’t forget to wear sunscreen with at least a SPF of 15 or more!

Now that you know how to determine your undertone, you confidently choose your makeup shade and concealer! Check out our HD Luminous Foundation that is specialized to enhance your skin and still offer medium to full coverage.

Our shades for warm undertones are: C6, C95, C10, and C11. 

Our shades for cool undertones are: N85, N95, N10, N11.

Zoom in closely and place the outside of your hand to the screen to find what’s best for you. If you are still feeling unsure don’t fret, just shoot us an email at and we will help you choose the best shade for you. Till next time Untamed Beauties xoxo

Untamed Colors CEO

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September 01, 2016

Helpful tips never heard of the vein thing very cool.

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