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About us

When you feel beautiful you are empowered to be who you truly are. Here at Untamed Colors Cosmetics we offer just the right amount of love, experience and knowledge along with our vivacious and vividly colored products, to help you create a truly unique experience.
By infusing tradition with technology we have mastered the art of true color matching. Besides beauty is a birthright, not a privilege and we believe that everyone deserves the freedom of being themselves. It is our privilege to help you spark the untamed beauty within.


Sarita Sackie is a celebrity makeup artist who has touched the faces of Karen Civil, Kim Kimble, and Hydeia Broadbent, just to name a few. Beyond the celebrities Sarita's true passion has always been and will always be to help people bring out their joy, and happiness. She considers herself lucky to be able to help people realize their potential through the art of makeup.